Thursday, December 13, 2012


Ombre knitting

So, I took up knitting.  I'm by NO means a pro, and I wouldn't dare call myself such.  I am enjoying knitting though.  I love being able to sit and do something with my hands, anywhere.  I can't necessarily take my sewing machine with me everywhere I go, altho I would LOVE too, it's just not practical. HAHA.  Knitting is very portable!  I love it.  It's soothing and relaxing.  This will be a headband/earwarmer for my oldest, who (sniff) just turned 9 on Monday.  I can't believe I have a 9 year old.  Where does the time go?

Christmas Quilt!

I finished my Christmas quilt.  It sits proudly on the couch, by the Christmas tree.  I'm happy with it.  It turned out smaller than I would have liked, but it will only be out for a month, so does it really matter?  Nah.  I actually am ahead of the game this year, shopping wise.  I usually like to wait until the last minute, in a mad dash (thrill?) to get it all done.  Nope, not this year.  We've actually already got presents under the tree!?!?!  What??  I know, it's amazing.  And wonderful.  I need less stress this year.

Happy sewing, knitting, crafting, whatever!!

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